Norma Jean
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This Georgia-based metalcore outfit has been on the scene for the past thirteen years, having been included in events such as Warped Tour and Ozzfest, as well as having received a Grammy nomination. Norma Jean veers away from preaching chaos and destruction, and instead lets the music speak for itself. The ever-present death growl of frontman Cory Brandan Putman seems to promote the idea of releasing rage through music and sparing wrath toward one's fellow man. Even in songs like "Kill More Presidents", it is clear that the message stays within the song itself. The locked-in rhythm section, coupled with the well-synchronized dual guitar work, provides a foundation for Puttman's aggressive, albeit passionate, screaming. Norma Jean is the birth name of Marilyn Monroe, who likely didn't expect to ever be the namesake of an anger-infused metal quintet. The band's fifth studio album is set to be released in summer 2010.