Rachele Eve
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One could say that Rachele Eve's songwriting began with a broken leg. After an unfortunate sports injury had her bedridden for two weeks, Rachele picked up the guitar for the first time and has since not put it down. At age 17, Eve joined local Detroit rock band Avenue gaining exposure on numerous stages as well as a feature on the nationally syndicated Mitch Albom Show and Fox 2 News. Soon after the band released their Answer My Call EP in 2004, Eve decided to pursue a solo career, in which she independently released her first EP, Wishful Thinking, in 2005. She gained a following at Birmingham Michigan's The Blue Martini, as well as performed in Washington D.C. at the Angels in Adoption Gala hosted by the Congressional Coalition of Adoption Institute, with other performers such as DMC from the influential Hip Hop group Run DMC.

Rachele Eve performing "Fetal Plea" acoustically with Packy Lundolm.