Sidewalk Chalk
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The distinctively organic and luscious sounds of Sidewalk Chalk result from an eclectic and unparalleled fusion of hip-hop, jazz, soul, R&B, and poetry. Reminiscent of the non-permanent artwork of childhood, the band's name is derived from a brainstorming session the band members had before their first Columbia College talent show performance. With fresh and positive lyrics, the band seeks to promote being free and self-love. Unlike most music groups today, the emcee Rico Sisney, and vocalist Maggie Vagle share the stage equally contributing their voices in live performances that send listeners on a natural high. "Accompaniment" can't even begin to describe the talented three musicians who provide the landscape and motion to Sisney and Vagle's lyrics. Bass player Garrett McGinn, the man on the keys-Charlie Coffeen, and drummer Tyler Berg snap-off on funk-ridden jazz rhythms that in the words of Coffeen "give [Sisney and Vagle] a crib to rock in." From their live performances it is clear as to why these five musical voices found each other while studying music at Columbia College. On stage the band sets a vibe that gets audiences to move as much as to think. On stage Rico, Maggie, Garrett, Charlie, and Tyler create original improvisational material for new songs that highlight Maggie's provocatively soulful harmonies, and ride on Rico's thought-provokingly honest storyline. Sidewalk Chalk is and will continue to be a force to be reckoned with as its members bring a refreshing sound to the Chicago music scene.